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Chef and Owner 

Anna was born in Minnesota and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Growing up, Anna learned how to cultivate fruits and vegetables from her grandmother’s garden and saw how the home grown produce went from garden to table. She loved being in the kitchen helping her mom and grandmother and developing her cooking skills.

By the age of 14, Anna was cooking complete meals for her entire family.

Learning about cooking sparked a passion in Anna to pursue an education in the culinary arts as well as in nutrition and health.

After graduating high school, Anna moved to Arizona to work toward a degree in Food and Nutrition Management from Arizona State University. Along with Anna's degree, she is also certified as a Food Protection Manager through ServSafe. Anna has a special interest in preparing meals with organic foods - “Fresh is Best”.

Due to her education in health and nutrition, she emphasizes that in her cooking. She has experience with special diets (gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc.) and also understands the importance of organic and plant based diets, and its relation to health and wellness.