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There is a base chef fee that is included in each package. This fee includes:


  • Complimentary Consultation

  • Menu Planning that is specific to your taste and needs

  • Grocery Shopping on the day of service for fresh, whole food ingredients

  • Meal Preparation in the safety of your home

  • Meal Packaging, labeling and storing neatly  

  • Detailed heating and serving instructions

  • Kitchen Clean-up

  • Continuous feedback after meals are enjoyed to assure satisfaction and exceed expectations


This service will occur weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and will allow for use of the freshest, whole food ingredients possible. The service fee is based on the number of meals chosen for the week and each meal includes a side dish. Additional sides such as vegetables and dip, hummus, smoothies, muffins, desserts, etc. will be added on a la carte. 

Pricing works as followed:

Two Meals - $200

Three Meals - $250

Four Meals - $300

Five Meals - $350

This service can be personalized to anything that you and/or your family may need for special occasions, family coming into town for an evening, catering for a party, or to provide meals for someone in their time of need. This type of service is perfect for those unique occasions and we can work together to design a menu and package that accommodates your exact needs.

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